Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gila Gila With Friends !

Here comes another post on outing with friends. =) No particular place on where to go or which specific place to hang out. We don't PLAN but we random 'lepak-lepak' and 'jalan-jalan' ! Guys, do not look down at this ROJAK that we ate ! It's really NICE ! XP

And the mee that RAY ate is so long as you can see the mee is not cut !! Hahaha..

Would like to take this chance to wish you HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY AGAIN RAY !! =) Wow !! He received a lot of presents.. (erm.. I should say EMPTY BOXES.. lolx).

He was hunting for some handsomes !! LOL !! "Orang kat dalam poster pun dia tak lepas !!" =P (Just for fun only ya!!).. Hahaha..

Ray do have a godfather (in his SWEET DREAM)..

The failure me - AVARNICK (I know I look STUPID >.<') !!

Yum char session will never be missed out !! Take a look at that, my friend, YEOMAN, the guy with pink and white stripes shirt, brought the dictionary (Melayu to Arab * vice-versa) with him to YUM CHAR !! XP

CRAZY friends will always bring you unforgettable CRAZY moments. Is my pleasure knowing you guys. Always remember, ENJOY LIFE TO THE MAX !!! =D


  1. hahaha..yea kathlynn..i got crazy frens =P kakaka

  2. haha..betul sue..memang sedap wei =P

  3. wooo..rojak! *drool*
    i will come to ipoh someday..hahaha

  4. kekekeke.. u btr come stfuamie =P

  5. Haha u have a gang of nice friends :)

    We still young, so we can do funny stuffs XD

  6. hahaha.. yea babymocha.. =) i do.. i bet u have too.. lolx =P young forever.. lolx

  7. u gila also no gila with me...

    i so dekat...

  8. nic da nic.. kekekeke.. next time we go gila la =) kekeke

  9. nick, thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice hair. hehe..

  10. kekeke..thanks jali.. =P no problem!