Sunday, December 6, 2009

Go Green! Friendster New Look Is Going Green Too?

Too much of spinach? Trying to be incredible hulk? Love leaves and trees? Friendster is now with its' greenish new look after years of blue in colour, a new logo and a tagline that says "Connecting Smile". 

After being so long not logging in to Friendster, at first glance I thought I have typed in the wrong address. Re-check and hell yeah is really Friendster! New login page!

I have been an inactive Friendster's user since I registered for a Facebook acccout (oh..shit.. XP). Anyhow, keep it up Friendster! That's the new dashboard page look for Friendster.

But.. .. .. .. .. Who Cares?!? I'm a dead fan for Facebook now! Sorry Mr. Green.. =P


  1. yea dylan yea!haha!go green guys! =D

  2. Ur gonna hurt Friendster's feelings.haha..but then again..fb is so much better nowadays..

  3. willy..hahaha..aren't you the same?lolx =P

  4. It came as a surprise as well. Just logged in into my account, after months of inactivity.
    so much alike FB!

  5. yea yea surprised me too =) kekeke.. i oso inactive o =P