Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Batman Migrate From Gotham City To Penang ?!?

The Dark Knight (Batman) and Justice League heroes - all in QUEENSBAY PENANG now (19 Dec 09 - 3 Jan 10) !!! Went for a walk there and WOW - though is a NOT-SO-BIG (Kinda small.. =P) BATMAN exhibition but still I snapped photos to share. Hehehe.. Take a look =) :-

BATMAN TDK Stage Game.

The costumes :-






CRAZY FANS for BATMAN ?!? I'm sure this is not a chance to missed ^^. Hehe.. gotta stop now. Stay tune for more post to come =).

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bye Bye Sem Break & We Shall Meet Again !

With the blink of an eye, my SEM BREAK is TAAADAA - OVER !!! (How wish the sem break is just about to begin.. POSSIBLE ?!? =P STUPID QUESTION HAR !!!). Time to get back to thick books again. Parents is drivin me back to Penang with bulk of luggages (ALL RUBBISH.. Hahaha..) of mine later noon. Gonna MISS my PARENTS so so MUCH !!! Here's a picture dedicated to my MOM for all the GOOD FOODS that she cooked for me during SEM BREAK. I LOVE YOU MOM !!! THE FOOD IS REALLY DELICIOUS !!! HUGS * * =D

Together with that, I would like to share some of my photos snapped and taken in 2009 (compiled edition) as the new year 2010 is COMING SOON. Hehehe..

*Yawn ~ Yawn ~* I guess I need to go bed early tonite (my BED is CALLING for ME =P). Hehehe.. ^^ ~ ~ Twinkle twinkle little star.. How I wonder what you are.. .. .. ..Zzzzzzzzz ~ ~ NITEZ Readers !!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hohoho.. Merry Christmas !!!

25th of Dec 09 .. AND .. It's CHRISTMAS !!! Hohoho.. MERRY CHRISTMAS to EVERYONE !!! ^^ Spent this year's CHRISTMAS with some chillin around and precious time with my parents =) Hehe.. Here's a so-called SANTA-me to wish everyone out there an enjoyable and a great X'MAS this year ^^

Family, couples, friends and everyone out there !! Have FUN aite !! ~ (still waiting patiently for my santa to come.. LOL) ^^

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nick's Mona Lisa

Was tidying up and arranging some of my OLD + NEW photos and WOW !! - Memories (GOOD, BAD, STUPID, CACAT and GILA-GILA) are still fresh in my mind =). Would like to blog it up and share, so I compiled and combined some of the selected photos. Check them out BUT PLEASE DONT get ANNOYED on the first photo (I know I'm NOT GOOD in CAMWHORING but PLEASE give me some time to practice & improve.. Wakaka =P) :-



ANDERSON PREMIER MILITARY BAND (7 Years In The Band !! Hoho !! )

By comparing, I looks so much older now huh ?!? Might need to get SK2 or LOREAL facial care. Anyone willing to SPONSOR ?? (Hahaha.. Just Kidding !!). Time to stop now =). DAMN !! MISS THOSE TIMES !! ^^ ~ ~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I.L.O.V.E.M.Y.F.A.M.I.L.Y !!!

There's no other better than "SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY" !!! Uncle Keong is back from China for few days. Went dinner and celebrated his birthday for him =). Great moments !! Readers, check out the self-descriptive photos (mostly ^^) !!

Burst yourself to laughters on the following photos =P. Kakaka..Very TALENTED and NATURAL !!

Wakaka.. So, any entertainment media interested to have them in your company ? (LOL.. Just joking). ALWAYS Remember to APPRECIATE the PRECIOUS MOMENTS spent together !! I LOVE my FAMILY so so MUCH and what about you? I BET you DO =) !! Cheeeerrrrrsss ~ ~ L.O.V.E ^^

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bakugan ! Battle Brawlers !

Today's posting will be slighty different from the previous two. Still outing category but is OUTING with my little cousin brother. He's a cute & active boy (but i'm CUTER.. wakaka.. WAIT! Dont' vomit.. I'm just JOKING ! LOL). Spent two noons with him chit chatting and WOW.. I got to know that he got a great collection of this 'BAKUGAN'. But what is BAKUGAN? Keep reading =)

Before that, take a look at how adorable he is ! LOL ! =D

He's cute isn't it ? XP. Hehehe.. According to him, BAKUGAN are small toy spheres that can magnetically morph into powerful EXPLODE ROUND warriors when they roll onto the real metal GATE CARDS! The CARDS below are all METAL GATE CARDS !

Then, use strategy to place the metal GATE CARDS effectively as each card affects the battle differently.

It's more like a fighting game card just that the small sphere is the one that makes the game special. =). This is his collection so far. Hahaha.. =D

Till now, he said he's still collecting and finding for more different spheres ! XP. Hehehe.. All the best little bro ! Before ending today's post, take a look at him. I 'curi-curi' snapped his photos when he's asleep during dinner. LOL !

This BAKUGAN seems to be quite popular among the kids nowadays. Hahaha.. I tink I'm too old for that rite? Or maybe not? Kakaka.. Well, gotta end now ! Drop by more often for more interesting posts aite ? Have a NICE day ! =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gila Gila With Friends !

Here comes another post on outing with friends. =) No particular place on where to go or which specific place to hang out. We don't PLAN but we random 'lepak-lepak' and 'jalan-jalan' ! Guys, do not look down at this ROJAK that we ate ! It's really NICE ! XP

And the mee that RAY ate is so long as you can see the mee is not cut !! Hahaha..

Would like to take this chance to wish you HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY AGAIN RAY !! =) Wow !! He received a lot of presents.. (erm.. I should say EMPTY BOXES.. lolx).

He was hunting for some handsomes !! LOL !! "Orang kat dalam poster pun dia tak lepas !!" =P (Just for fun only ya!!).. Hahaha..

Ray do have a godfather (in his SWEET DREAM)..

The failure me - AVARNICK (I know I look STUPID >.<') !!

Yum char session will never be missed out !! Take a look at that, my friend, YEOMAN, the guy with pink and white stripes shirt, brought the dictionary (Melayu to Arab * vice-versa) with him to YUM CHAR !! XP

CRAZY friends will always bring you unforgettable CRAZY moments. Is my pleasure knowing you guys. Always remember, ENJOY LIFE TO THE MAX !!! =D