Thursday, December 10, 2009

2001 - Pearl Harbor, 2005 - Red Eye, December 2009 - DAC !!!

Crazy fans for flying thingy up the sky (I'm talking bout plane and NOT UFO..hehehe) ? Bet fans like you will never missed watching movies that contain war planes, fighting planes or all sort of planes=P.

The two movies above were awesome!! So, what's the next plane thingy in December 2009?

That's right!! DAC = Dad's Aeroplane Collection!!, take a look at some of my dad's collection :

Here's another one =)

Dad's favourite! =)

And another one =) !

How was the DAC? =P There are more models actually but these are among the chosen one. Hehehe.. Meant for sharing and thanks for dropping by peeps! =P


  1. Good info regarding the plan! :)

  2. LOL pearl harbour...guy thought friend died, guy did with friend's gf, gf got preggers, guy "came back from dead", both fight, later both go mission, guy died, friend got back his gf, gf's baby came out like guy. Roflmao. And friend named baby same name as guy.
    ROFL X 2! Have a nice day! ^^

  3. maxloon120 : =) thnx dude!
    soon jeremy : wow..a long one huh =P have a nice day too yea! =D

  4. Hi Nick!

    Nanged you. Your dad likes like aeroplane models? Suggest that your dad collects real plane hahaha

  5. babymocha..i suggested tat b4 too..lolx.. =) tqtq..nanged u too =) good title of urs today =)

  6. Your dad has a pretty cool hobby. War movies! Add Flyboys. Not much of a story but the plane fighting scenes were awesome. And... there's James Franco. :D

  7. hahaha..thanks joyce =) i'l let my dad knw..wakakaka =) yea yea..FlyBoys were awesome! =)

  8. another half =P nic FLY!!! =P

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