Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bakugan ! Battle Brawlers !

Today's posting will be slighty different from the previous two. Still outing category but is OUTING with my little cousin brother. He's a cute & active boy (but i'm CUTER.. wakaka.. WAIT! Dont' vomit.. I'm just JOKING ! LOL). Spent two noons with him chit chatting and WOW.. I got to know that he got a great collection of this 'BAKUGAN'. But what is BAKUGAN? Keep reading =)

Before that, take a look at how adorable he is ! LOL ! =D

He's cute isn't it ? XP. Hehehe.. According to him, BAKUGAN are small toy spheres that can magnetically morph into powerful EXPLODE ROUND warriors when they roll onto the real metal GATE CARDS! The CARDS below are all METAL GATE CARDS !

Then, use strategy to place the metal GATE CARDS effectively as each card affects the battle differently.

It's more like a fighting game card just that the small sphere is the one that makes the game special. =). This is his collection so far. Hahaha.. =D

Till now, he said he's still collecting and finding for more different spheres ! XP. Hehehe.. All the best little bro ! Before ending today's post, take a look at him. I 'curi-curi' snapped his photos when he's asleep during dinner. LOL !

This BAKUGAN seems to be quite popular among the kids nowadays. Hahaha.. I tink I'm too old for that rite? Or maybe not? Kakaka.. Well, gotta end now ! Drop by more often for more interesting posts aite ? Have a NICE day ! =)


  1. why that thing looks like a ball one?

  2. Pokemon card we use to play last time^^

  3. nic : yeah.. it looks like a ball, but whn u put the ball on the magnet card, the ball wil transform and open up.. hahaha.. XP

    mingMing : yea lo.. pokemon card and magic the gathering.. old times huh =D hehehe

  4. Haha he has quite a number of collections although he is so young :) Cute cousin! Why u curi-curi took his photos? XD

  5. hahaha.. yea lo babymocha.. XP he got the a collection.. surprised by it too.. kaka.. cos he sometimes quite shy to take pics wan.. so curi curi lo.. lolx =P

  6. sooo like my little brother with millions of 'no-ending' sick of it...^_^

  7. hahaha.. kids are like tat P =)

  8. kakaka.. nikel.. ur childhood? XP