Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Ho - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all and how's celebration? Prizes on your right and left hand - on your head - on your leg? Gathering with friends and family members to exchange presents? Met any santa or will be meeting one later? Hehe. To me, I'm having a simple and happy day with my parents at home. Mom' preparing for dinner tonight and dad is cleaning his car now. While me - curi tulang surfing net. It's a speed of light how time passed (sayonara sem break) and tomorrow, am going back to Penang for my last sem. Mixed feeling. Well, few days from now is new year eve - welcome year 2011! Any plans on hand? Some wild party and crazy celebrations awaiting? Do let me know the place and time so that I can join the fun! Hahaha.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Please Be Open!

People around, what do you think of homosexual? What kind of mindset and impression do you have on GAY and LESBIAN? Each and everyone of you would have your personal judge. But to me, I think it's perfectly normal and hell-out of normal! What most annoying is that, people have a very negative thought on them as if they are not human - people do criticize them, point at them with fingers and gossip among their friends, ignore them, shout 'MONSTER!' when people see them and definitely more unbearable words which are unacceptable. End of 2010 and coming to a brand new 2011, most countries well-developed, technologies - vast improvement, everything is hitting POSITIVE BUT when we talk about homosexual, not many can accept - ABSOLUTELY NEGATIVE. WHY? WHY NOT? They have their right to live like normal and nothing differs them from a human being. Most of the times, dont hold to your traditional ways of looking at a thing, maybe you can walk few steps ahead and you'll see things in a more couraging ways. I can accept them and nothing is holding me from not accepting. What say you? This is not meant to be a discussion about this topic but it's just my very personal thinking and I hope people can stop giving them a weirdo-look.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy Weather Lately and Please Do Something

Halo - wasn't feeling very well these few days. Might due to the extremely wet weather here in Ipoh - either raining or real cloudy (sun is no where to be seen). Unpredictable. What is the message that our mother earth is striking to us? Obvious tremendous changes in weather is happening all around the world. Sign of end of the world? Or am I influenced by movies and being too sensitive? When this topic is Google-d many discussions can be seen. A lot of well-wrote stories how the world is gonna end and what will happen by then. Can we people just act like nothing serious happening and trying to escape from any effort in saving the world? Cut down the usage of plastic bags - AT LEAST? Advertisements and campaigns are running but look, if we DONT ACT and PLAY OUR PART, then you'll be the blame. The worst is prepare to say "GOODBYE EARTH!" So, please, do something before it's too late. The time is running and will never return! We still have a choice!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crazy People

What the hell is wrong with people's mentality nowadays? Have people lost their direction of life? Brain stuffed with too much shiaattsss? Many people have the intention to commmit suicide - TOTALLY INSANE. Is this what you consider a very brave act? HELLO? WAKE UP JUNK! Dont dirty up the places.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Noon Lunch in Secret Recipe

Had noon lunch with mom in secret recipe few days back. Went in and we saw this. 12pm-3pm. We tried. Ordered 2 sets.

My Iced Lemon Tea

Mom's Soft Drink 'Pepsi'

Nasi Lemak

Lastly, picture of my mom.. Haha.. Seems like every restaurant is having this kind of set during lunch time as to compete with others. Hmmmmm

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not Easy

Little kids learning book is so difficult. If I were about to answer with only the pictures provided, I will definitely answer ELEPHANT and MOUSE in the first place. In fact, the real answer is BIG and SMALL.

Okay, I give up ! Bye ~

Monday, December 6, 2010

Digi Got Rejected / Dropped Out From Telecomunication Line Family ?

Have been using Digi since like.. ..erm.. ..7 years? Reasonable call rates, great plans offered and never-ending improvement since then.. Hell-yeah, I'm a loyal Digi user !!!

Yesterday, when I was jalan-jalan'ing, this is what I saw.. a Digi mini-stall in Reject Shop !!! First thing came into my mind - rejected Digi promotions ?!?

Ain't-a-bad place to promote, would say 'A Good Try'.. Still holding to what it says :- Always a Smarter Choice..