Monday, December 6, 2010

Digi Got Rejected / Dropped Out From Telecomunication Line Family ?

Have been using Digi since like.. ..erm.. ..7 years? Reasonable call rates, great plans offered and never-ending improvement since then.. Hell-yeah, I'm a loyal Digi user !!!

Yesterday, when I was jalan-jalan'ing, this is what I saw.. a Digi mini-stall in Reject Shop !!! First thing came into my mind - rejected Digi promotions ?!?

Ain't-a-bad place to promote, would say 'A Good Try'.. Still holding to what it says :- Always a Smarter Choice..


  1. the smarter and cheaper choice? not always. but digi is NO REJECT PRODUCT. :)

    i really tot whats going on with digi when i see ur post title..
    hmpph ><

  3. philip : haha.. true true :)

    ginny : haha.. :P thanks for the visit anyhow.. kakaz :)

  4. I used Digi before this..But, since all my friends used Maxis then I'll used maxis until now..But both of my parents and some of my family members still using Digi...

  5. terbang : hehe.. i used maxis b4 but then i changed to digi since most of my contacts (family members & frens) are usin digi :)