Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eat = Happiness

~ Cough cough ~ Again berhabuk my blog ~
Working life is totally a different stage of life.
And is weekend the most awaiting 2 days in a week of 7 days.
Eat is always happiness.
Hoay and I went makan minum, movie, also some light shopping.
Noodle station.

122 & 123's name is very outshine!

Got myself - Iced Peach Lemon Tea.

Hoay ordered hot hazel milk.

Springy Noodle With Smoked Black Pepper Drumstick

Springy Noodle With Chicken Delight Roll

Done with lunch and time for movie - Transformers 3. Kinda outdated as mostly all have watched.
Could this be the last Transformers movie? Prime patah tangan and Megatron pecah kepala. Still got Transformers 4 comin up in queue?

She got me a big Mario POPOBE. :) Woohoo.

Then, dinner time! @ Secret Recipe

Ice Blended Chocolate

New York Cheese Cake

Chicken Cordon Bleu 2 sets

Had a great day and time :)