Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Morning Dim Sum

What a day to start off with another new week - MONDAY ! Define Monday - Boring, Happy, Challenging, Blue, Up or Down? I'm more towards up as holiday for me is stil ON! Hahaha! Let me start off with a random post. Pictures of DIM SUM weeks back - delayed post. Still, would like to share (:

Hungry yet? or not? Everyone out there - Get yourself a quick breakfast - max powered and have a productive week !

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lepak Day - With Ah Ray

Short sem break is here. Muahhhh - I Love Holidays ! Went out with Ray to yum char and lepak. Bought SKYLINE movie ticket. Noon-movie. As expected, 'NOT-A-SO-NICE' movie (That's what we think lo) ! Alien thingy landed on the earth and humanity fight for survival.

Prefer this SKYLINE more ! Hahaha !

Lunch time in Mcd - Tried McChicken Supreme ! Yummy ! Here's Ray with his McChicken Supreme !

Lui Yan Kai - All Lui Yan stuffs - clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bla bla bla.. but not too many shops there. I wonder is there any LAM YAN KAI for men ? Ray with his LUI YAN.

Went Fruit Land for some light ice-ice kacang.

Ray ordered Honey Dew Lolo - RM 6.90

I ordered Sour Sop Lolo - Kinda sweet - RM 6.90

End this post with the TWO LOLO and ME.

Have a great day ! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dinner Time - Bee Gaik Dining Place and Buffet Catering

Last week, went Bee Gaik Dining Place and Buffet Catering Restaurant with parents for dinner. Parents said that this restaurant open for many many years already.

Some deco on wall. Couldn't understand a single though but NICE !

The King !

The Queen !

The SON !

Dishes ! YUM YUM YUM !

This chicken is so nice !

Assam Curry Fish Head !

Before I end, to all SPM'ers and STPM'ers, best of luck and all the best !!! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pizza Hut - Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza

Dinner - pizza time-time with mua parents in Pizza Hut (: (Crazy about cheese. Go wild ! 6 cheeses! Pure satisfaction ! ) - What it says represents what it would be (:

Mua parents :)

Me and dad :)

Me and mom :)

Now is MAKAN-MAKAN time ! FOOD FOOD FOOD, faster go into my stomach !

Happy dinner ! Have a wonderful weekend ! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smoothest Traffic Ever From Penang to Ipoh

What a day - started my journey to hometown from Penang to Ipoh at 3pm.. No heavy rain, no strong wind, no tornado - after passing Sg Perak, then it happens to be flooded with slow moving cars and finally stopped for a minute or 2 and 'bergolek-golek' with snail movement speed.. At first I thought, police 'mau check check' but my guess was wrong.. Captured down some pictures :-

Many cars stopped at the roadside and 'berkelah'? Enjoying the view maybe

Some cars were overheated and some I think saving their car petrol ?

Some handsomes were taking the 'giler-giler jam-jam' scene

(Amaran Polis - Dilarang Berhenti Denda RM300) - Oh.. So? Bang.. Jam sampai macam ini have to stop car lepak kejap la wei..

Before going in the tunnel, the sky was still sufficient to see the road without headlights

After the jam in the tunnel - PLEASE SWITCH ON YOUR CAR'S LIGHT ! 7.30 pm (Finally reach home) - Took hours of hours to reach home today.. What a day !!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Looks like an Iguana

Days back in the campus, I saw this hidden behind the bushes near the parking space. Looks like an Iguana but it's not. Don't know what's the exact name for it.

Cute? Anyone want it as a pet to replace your current pet? Hahaha