Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lepak Day - With Ah Ray

Short sem break is here. Muahhhh - I Love Holidays ! Went out with Ray to yum char and lepak. Bought SKYLINE movie ticket. Noon-movie. As expected, 'NOT-A-SO-NICE' movie (That's what we think lo) ! Alien thingy landed on the earth and humanity fight for survival.

Prefer this SKYLINE more ! Hahaha !

Lunch time in Mcd - Tried McChicken Supreme ! Yummy ! Here's Ray with his McChicken Supreme !

Lui Yan Kai - All Lui Yan stuffs - clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bla bla bla.. but not too many shops there. I wonder is there any LAM YAN KAI for men ? Ray with his LUI YAN.

Went Fruit Land for some light ice-ice kacang.

Ray ordered Honey Dew Lolo - RM 6.90

I ordered Sour Sop Lolo - Kinda sweet - RM 6.90

End this post with the TWO LOLO and ME.

Have a great day ! :)


  1. JOm..Jom..Jom...Next Round...we go watch Bruce Lee...n go ah gua kai...lolz...

  2. jom jom ! mari la.. nxt week pergi ah gua kai.. i know u want panggil ah gua.. wahahaha