Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crazy Weather Lately and Please Do Something

Halo - wasn't feeling very well these few days. Might due to the extremely wet weather here in Ipoh - either raining or real cloudy (sun is no where to be seen). Unpredictable. What is the message that our mother earth is striking to us? Obvious tremendous changes in weather is happening all around the world. Sign of end of the world? Or am I influenced by movies and being too sensitive? When this topic is Google-d many discussions can be seen. A lot of well-wrote stories how the world is gonna end and what will happen by then. Can we people just act like nothing serious happening and trying to escape from any effort in saving the world? Cut down the usage of plastic bags - AT LEAST? Advertisements and campaigns are running but look, if we DONT ACT and PLAY OUR PART, then you'll be the blame. The worst is prepare to say "GOODBYE EARTH!" So, please, do something before it's too late. The time is running and will never return! We still have a choice!


  1. Ppl always think others will do the earth saving for them, and big companies doesn't care about the environment as long as they make money.

    Its a bitch world out there.

  2. yes kelvin.. absolutely.. people jz being too selfish