Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm Not Ready Yet To Continue Suffer

This is strange that out of sudden, I got the mood and energy to actually arrange my university books that I've placed aside since my sem break started. Broke out from the lazy shell?? Hahaha..

So far, 3 semester have passed (and I'm already half dead =P) and these are the original books that I've bought (the non-original version are the photostated books =P).

Out of all, this C++ programming book is damn thick and heavy. It won the 1st place that make my shoulder to pain everytime I carries it back to my hometown.

This Java programming book is another thick and heavy one. Both of them are good buddies to make you feel like dying when assignments are given (due to last minute study and last minute work >.<').

There's a traditional different term for CS (Computer Science) every year here in USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) :-
  • 1st Year of Study --> Computer Science = Cannot Sleep (due to loads of assignments and non stopping of tests coming)
  • 2nd Year of Study --> Computer Science = Continue Suffer (getting worse with double or triple of assignments and tests compared to 1st year)
  • 3rd Year of Study --> Computer Science = Commit Suicide (laptop motherboard spoilt, hair turned white, brain capacity is full, not able to withstand the pressure and stress)
2nd Year Sem 2 is gonna start end of the month. Holiday please stay longer and time please move slower before the suffer continues. =P


  1. you're doing computer science?
    cool.. im a software engineering graduate =)

  2. yea..i'm doin computer science in USM..yeah?i major in software engineering're my senior =)