Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scooby Doo VS Cicak Man ! Who Will Win?

Scooby Doo - noob but funny cartoon dog. Cicak Man - the lizard superhero (lame & the cacat'est superhero among the mighties.. =P). Both of them are definitely NOT good friends! Know why? Keep reading..

I got a male dog named Vicky. He's a cute, loving, obedient, got super power (he can stand with only 2 legs you know XP) and 200% hates cicak. Here, is my hero :-

Cicak at the back of my house's wall is getting less. How is that happening? Hahaha..thanks to Vicky, he's a great hunter for cicak and WOW.. ..he caught and killed a big cicak yesterday!!!

Bye-bye Cicakman (=P) ! If there's any fight between Scooby Doo and Cicakman, the winner will be no other than SCOOBY DOO (hahahaha XP) !

Anyway, it's good to have a dog at home. Brings you laughter, joy and protection. By the way, my dog Vicky is still SINGLE and AVAILABLE yea! Hahaha.. =P Have a nice day readers! =)


  1. yea?tat's cool..a great hunter aite?

  2. hi sue..hahaha..geli kan?lolx

  3. I need a Scooby Doo in my house too :) too many cicak!

    Borrow me one day! XDXD

  4. hahaha..okie..take it =P lolx.. =P

  5. hahaha..cicak man is flat!lolx =P

  6. Oh YES! Very well said about the dogs.