Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bye Bye Sem Break & We Shall Meet Again !

With the blink of an eye, my SEM BREAK is TAAADAA - OVER !!! (How wish the sem break is just about to begin.. POSSIBLE ?!? =P STUPID QUESTION HAR !!!). Time to get back to thick books again. Parents is drivin me back to Penang with bulk of luggages (ALL RUBBISH.. Hahaha..) of mine later noon. Gonna MISS my PARENTS so so MUCH !!! Here's a picture dedicated to my MOM for all the GOOD FOODS that she cooked for me during SEM BREAK. I LOVE YOU MOM !!! THE FOOD IS REALLY DELICIOUS !!! HUGS * * =D

Together with that, I would like to share some of my photos snapped and taken in 2009 (compiled edition) as the new year 2010 is COMING SOON. Hehehe..

*Yawn ~ Yawn ~* I guess I need to go bed early tonite (my BED is CALLING for ME =P). Hehehe.. ^^ ~ ~ Twinkle twinkle little star.. How I wonder what you are.. .. .. ..Zzzzzzzzz ~ ~ NITEZ Readers !!!


  1. mingMing : thanks dude =) see ya and take care yea =D

  2. a la...baru penang....
    then i johor..then is it i cry everyday...?
    penang lots of entertainment there
    Johor ? kampung only lar...



  3. lolx.. yea oso nic.. johor oso not bad man.. so near to s'pore.. suka suka boleh cross bridge shoppin kat s'pore.. kakaka.. cheers bro.. =D

  4. Haha~ Everyone is sad coz finish sem break d, need to start new sem lo~

    Wish u all the best for this coming sem ya^^

  5. bruce : heyhey =D ya man.. start new sem dy.. where nightmare comes again.. lolx.. 1st day of sem.. all da best to you man.. keep in touch yea.. hehe

  6. Hey enjoy ur new semester! I'm going back soon also :( next week!

  7. babymocha, yea yea.. i'm gettin busier dy.. =D lolx.. and yours is comin soon.. kakakaka

  8. waaaHHHh~ so many places.. so many friends many pics ... and so many yummy food from Mama


    anyway, wishing you a blessed New Year ahead ya~

  9. hye bro.. great blog.. great attitude.. i like your post.. keep up tau.. i support you