Sunday, April 24, 2011

Penang Times Square - Food Gallery

Tomorrow's paper - Software Quality Assurance & Testing.
Day after tomorrow's paper - Web Engineering.
After that, I'm done with my finals.
I'm already in holiday mood actually. Ngek ngek ngek.
Yesterday, went out with Hoay - Komtar, Prangin Mall, 1st Avenue.
Then, for dinner we head over to Penang Times Square's Food Gallery.

The environment is clean and comfortable.
Many choices of food are available.
The prices are reasonable too.

We ordered a set of chicken cordon bleu and a set of rice with satay sauce chicken with a soup.
The chicken cordon bleu is not that yummy as we expected.
But still ok ok lo..
Price : RM 9.50

And this is the set of rice with satay sauce chicken and a soup.
Previously I remembered the soup was a different type of soup when I came with my parents.
I think they change the soup everyday.
Btw, this set cost us RM 11.50

This is nice.
The rice with minced pork.

Had a very full dinner last night.
So, you may want to consider to visit this place next time.
Stopping here and time for revision..


  1. thanks budak botak :P hehehe

  2. Great food review ^_^ the photos are truly eye-catching too

  3. nunu : thanks nunu :) hehehe..

    lynx : thank you so much lynx.. do keep in touch :)

  4. The food looks very tasty
    and i am hungry just looking at it.

  5. hehehe.. thanks thomas :) there are tasty ;)

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  7. lol i think i've been here few years back thou....stopped by to eat tau fu fah lastime mwahahahahahaha

  8. haha.. really? was it nice? hehe

  9. I always think food court food is kinda pricey...

  10. jfook, this one not bad.. not tat pricey lo..

  11. That looks like a really good satay sauce chicken.

  12. yes quirky, the satay chicken taste good :)

  13. what is a food that represent penang or special one

  14. char kuew teow.. laksa.. :) hehehe..

  15. How about the variety of food? It's been a long time since my last visit to Penang :) Maybe should plan it this year. Are you a local Penang lang?

  16. Looks yummy..
    Kipidap with ur blog

  17. I been there once, nice environment! not every food also in bargain, had to choose and calculate yourself. Some good photos u shot on the food though.

  18. nice~ should be there one day~

  19. hehe.. thanks everyone :) hugs