Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How My Blog Looks Like On A Smartphone

I am using Celcom broadband.
Was having a connection problem yesterday midnight till tis morning where some of the websites were completely inaccessible - FB, MSN, Hotmail etc.
Then, I tried out with my phone connected to a wireless campus network and everything was fine.
Confirm Celcom punya problem la..
And I tried viewing my blog using phone. Ngek ngek ngek.

A bigger screen would be much better. :)
Almost 12pm. So fast.
Better stop now..


  1. not bad ha. do you have to change any setting on the blog for mobile loading?

  2. no papabear.. does not need any settings.. u can just load directly :)

  3. this does happen Nick, the connection and the issues that comes with it, have experienced this too.

  4. really nava? owh.. hahaha.. tis is common ya? lol :)

  5. tq amie :) tapi apa yang nice tu? :)