Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ghost Must Be Crazy

First paper (Principles of Organizational Behaviour) - Done!
Two more papers to go - 25th & 26th next week.
After the paper today, went to watch The Ghost Must Be Crazy in 1st Avenue's TGV with Hoay.
First time going there for movie. Haha.

TGV is on the 8th floor. So they called it the CLOUD 8.
Movie at 7.35pm.
Reached around 7.15pm.
Before the TGV's cashier print out the ticket, she asked "Age ada above 18 kah?"
Hoay and I was like "Eh.. What the hell?" and still, we answered with a smile "Yes"
To conclude : We are still young looking (Perasan.. Haha)

The movie actually contains two different stories.
The first story took place in the jungle and the second story took place in a town area.
Would rate it 3/5.
Most of the jokes are funny but some are kinda lame.
After movie, on the way back, we saw a stall selling Char Kuey Teow at the roadside.
We decided to give a try.

Taste good though is a little oily.
Is getting late. Am sleepy and bed is calling.

Gonna rest early tonight.
And all the best to my friends and those who will be sitting for paper tommorw!
Stopping now..


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  2. Good luck in your coming exams ya!

  3. thanks stilldestiny :) will do my best

  4. LoL... i'd do ANYTHING for ppl to ever ask me that question, "Umur sudah 18 kah?" again!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hahaha.. merryn, u are funny :P kaka

  6. OMFG!

    i am craving for char kuew teow and you tayang that at here.

    saya mahu!

  7. oh god.. and ppl kol me kakak edi. cannot perasan muda ever again! hohoho

  8. oooh, i like that CKT with cuttlefish tentacles in it, makes the whole thing more yummy.. but you are right, it's a bit very oily..

  9. yea SK.. is yummy though but oily lo.. hehe.. nt too healthy :)

  10. I think this movie have more lame scene than wow idea...
    however..good luck for ur exam

  11. kinda agree with u though hans and yea, thanks ! :D

  12. oh~ i went to cinema yesterday, n i tot of goin to watch this movie but i didn't~~~ :3

  13. why didnt watch ya emillly? :D