Thursday, April 28, 2011

Final Exam - DONE! Next - MAKAN-MAKAN TIME!

Officially FINISHED my FINAL EXAM yesterday.
My mind is so light now that it can easily float on a clear clean lake.
Meantime, am not going to think about what are the results gonna be but am just gonna RELAX.
Soon - very very soon - gonna get seperated with my uni buddies and friends.
This phrase SUCKS - "Friends come and go!"
Sunk my mood deep down whenever I think bout it.
Part of life - gotta accept that anyhow.

So, not talking bout that first and today, went out with Hoay for window shopping.
We went Prangin Mall in the noon.
We had laksa and cendol here - Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol.

Our laksa.
Take a look.

Our cendol.
Refreshing and feeling so syioookkkkk especially in this extremely hot weather.

Stomach happy, we happy.
Then, in the evening, went out with my first year first sem ex-roommate for dinner.
We went queensbay mall to jalan sikit and had our dinner there - KIM GARY.
And now as a member there, you can actually purchased the monthly discount coupon for year 2011/2012.

This is what my friend ordered.
Forgot the name but is something like dunno what chicken set western meal..

And this is what I ordered.
None other than my favourite Chicken Chop Cheese Baked Rice.

We got a free meal using April's Coupon.
This is the free meal.

This is him - my first year first sem's roommate - Austin Power Lim
A good looking, nice, kind and a friendly guy.
Like promoting him pulak..

Wishing him best of luck for the coming paper as he'll be finishing his exam only next week.
It is storming now.
Please rain. Too hot. I can't sleep.
Gonna take a quick shower now.
So, goodnight!


  1. wah finish your final exam!! nice~ :D

  2. errrrr.. slurrpp. ha ha ha. merdeka already.

  3. Was just commenting a while ago on nikelkhor's chatbox that my favourite ice kacang is penang's teochew ais kacang, lol.

  4. hahaha.. thanks fellow bloggers :P i love chendol :D

  5. I also want to eat chendol!! But rarely can find nice ones in Sg. >.<

  6. hehehe.. is ok, nxt time u can come over to penang :P

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. oh-oh! it's austin power! HAHA! :) nice pictures nice food.. you got me craving for the laksa at penang road now!

  9. The laksa and cheese baked rice are just so tempting !!
    I'm hungryy now :(

  10. Nick, when you are as old as me kan.. Friends COME and GO before you can even blink your eyes! :P

  11. stephyz : hahaha.. yea.. tasty.. no tipu :P
    +u!W : hehe.. had your supper? blekk
    meryyn : oh my.. sad sad..

  12. grrrrrr... the food pictures are ruining my diet! hehehe

  13. hahaha, oh my.. sorry jard.. but come on.. go ahead and makan dulu XP

  14. I wanna go to Penang right now and you should "belanja" me..owh!so tasty n marvellous..

  15. rozuan.. hahaha.. oh my.. come.. i'll bring u around :)

  16. RELAX?

    Haha, after exams comes the results...after results comes to graduation, after graduation comes the job hunting...after u got a job, comes the boring routines of ur working life, after the routines, comes the worrying of promotion/increment/retrenchment...after all those shit, comes the marriage, after married, comes the children, after the children is born, comes the worrying, after the children grows up, comes their results and whether they can graduate...

    U still have a long way to go before relax man.

  17. Sorry to vent frustration in ur blog :( Life's too stress for me~ And now i am hungry and there is no food like the above near me T_T

  18. kelvin, am glad to meet u.. how're u man? too stress with life? part of life i'm suppose.. relax and chill man :)

  19. You finished your exam. Congratulation!

  20. lokks delicious... halal x? hehehe. law halal, leh g try.. love cendol!!

  21. cik gelong.. u mean the cendol and laksa? yes, there are halal :D.. mr.r, hehe, i love laksa too :)

  22. aimaigad the cendollll....

    please please eat for me!


  23. hahaha.. i wil help u to eat'em yobsumo.. lol.. u r funny.. haha

  24. I love cendol!! This one sure look good!! =`)

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  26. hi g.ta :) yes.. it is.. kakaka XP