Monday, February 15, 2010

Gong Xi Fatt Chai !!!

Hey peeps !!! OMG.. Have been so so so long since I didnt update.. So so so so sorry as I was too busy with assignments and tests till I hardly breathe.. Anyway, it's CHINESE NEW YEAR now !!! Got a week break.. Hahaha.. Gonna enjoy as much as I can till the break end.. Well, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to EVERYONE and MOST IMPORTANT, ANGPAU MARI MARI !!! ^^ ~ ~ Gonna prepare to go out soon.. Just a simple post this time.. =) Do come back and read the next post yea !!! =D


  1. hahahah ang pow ang pow~ share me some of yours. :P

    happy CNY!

  2. happy chinese new year... =)
    enjoy enjoy it with this 1 week holiday o... =p

  3. renise : come share your angpau money wif me.. lolx.. happy cny !!!

    hoay : happy cny o !!! 1 week hol.. but now left few days hol oni o.. =)

  4. wau.....very new camera!!
    hapi cNy!!!