Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY 2010

Hola.. How's CNY peeps?!? Mine is pretty good and fun.. Hahaha.. Here are some photos snapped during CNY ^^. Went 'LOU SANG' with my family.. Hehehe.. Check'em out !!!

My cute cousin bro, me and my loving parents ^^

My family members and I.. Hehehe..

And and and and and.. .. .. .. My mum bought me a digital camera.. OLYMPUS-FE4000.. Thanks mum & I really really really like it.. YAHOO !!! Love you so much.. Hehehe..

My Parents.. Dad & Mom, I love you so so so MUCH !!! =) Stay HEALTHY & HAPPY always yea !!! Hehehe..

Well, Gotta-off now.. Do stay tune for more pics yea.. ^^ Kinda rush as my eyes are keep closing.. Tak tahan.. LOL !!! NitezZzZz readers ^^


  1. nice camera dude^^ better than mine...when yam cha?

  2. Hey! Gong Xi Fa Cai~ I also seldom update nowadays, too busy lol

    AngPow mari~ Haha