Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Smoothest Traffic Ever From Penang to Ipoh

What a day - started my journey to hometown from Penang to Ipoh at 3pm.. No heavy rain, no strong wind, no tornado - after passing Sg Perak, then it happens to be flooded with slow moving cars and finally stopped for a minute or 2 and 'bergolek-golek' with snail movement speed.. At first I thought, police 'mau check check' but my guess was wrong.. Captured down some pictures :-

Many cars stopped at the roadside and 'berkelah'? Enjoying the view maybe

Some cars were overheated and some I think saving their car petrol ?

Some handsomes were taking the 'giler-giler jam-jam' scene

(Amaran Polis - Dilarang Berhenti Denda RM300) - Oh.. So? Bang.. Jam sampai macam ini have to stop car lepak kejap la wei..

Before going in the tunnel, the sky was still sufficient to see the road without headlights

After the jam in the tunnel - PLEASE SWITCH ON YOUR CAR'S LIGHT ! 7.30 pm (Finally reach home) - Took hours of hours to reach home today.. What a day !!!


  1. u mean "smooth" and not smooth right..ahaha~

  2. why they stopped at the highway? that's weird..

  3. ikhsan : yea bro.. super "SMOOTH" haha

    ken : ya.. tat's weird.. i tink they are resting? haha

  4. i think they lost. lost at highway? LOL