Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Station 1 Cafe

Went Station 1 Cafe with my mom few days back. Never been there so decided to try that out. Hehehe.

The designs wasnt too bad and kinda comfortable too though the day is HOT!!!
Mom ordered this ;) Tasted not too bad ;)

Closer view ;)

And I ordered this ;) Rendang ;) But the chicken too small ;P Tak berapa kenyang ;P

Our Drinks ~ Cappuccino ^^

Blended ;)

Hehehe.. Overall, not bad. Price is okay for this kind of place. In short, a happy lunch with my mom ;)


  1. nice portion of nasik.... standard but look nice...

  2. Oh which Station 1 outlet is this, quite new the renovation. The food in Station 1 so so only for me.

  3. I ate the yee mee b4 too !!
    Gt station 1 at my place too ;)

  4. hazman : hehe.. yea.. it looks kinda tempting isn't it? ;P

    simon : i agree wif u.. same thought ;P

    everlyn : yea? have u tried it out? ;)

  5. the food is pretty SO SO to me too