Monday, August 16, 2010

Apex Coffee ;) Not Bad !!!

Last weekend, headed to APEX COFFEE. It was a rainy day ;)

It's located in Kulim near Kulim's town area. Just opened a month ago ;)

You can see some of the food menu here ;P

This looks abit like SH** rite? I think they purposely make it that way ;)

Definitely HALAL !!! ;) But the part 'PRICES ARE SUBJECT.. .. .. .. ..' is not very entertaining ;P Here's a cup of hot chocolate ;)

Ice chocolate. ^^

Chicken Satay Homemade Set Rice ;)

Special Tom Yam Fried Rice !!!

Sambal very yummy !!!

French Fries !!!

Hehehe..  Have a great week ahead yep ;)


  1. i always go to the queensbay there. totally love their mee mamak. slurpppphhhh

  2. kulim gt apex? mana? means vry long i din go bck liao~

  3. brat : sedap ah.. hahahhaa
    lesley : really? nxt time i'l tried that.. XD
    zac : got apex.. hahhaa.. jz opened last month oni.. kekeke