Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Paper Down.. System Analysis & Design

Had my 1st paper today. 2 hours paper. System Analysis and Design. Wanna share the questions here to everyone who have course related to the subject or others who would like to take a look for future reference. Especially juniors. Click to enlarge =). Hope it helps :-

Click to enlarge. Tak note that above questions are only for illustrations and study purposes. =)


  1. Omg looks so tough. Not my area ><

  2. chris_lim : lolx.. drawin diagrams really consumes timeSSSSSS..

  3. it seem like one point carry 2 marks..
    even list 5 got 10 marks..
    for mine, is one poitn = either 0.25 or 0.5 marks..zzz
    good luck fro remaining paper

  4. kwong fei : yea.. kinda costly here cos 1 quest weigh a number of marks.. =) thanks kwong fei =)