Monday, April 5, 2010

Time For A Short Drink

Hi peeps !!! Howdy ?!? As my common 1st sentence to write here is 'HAIZ.. MY SHOULDER IS STILL BEARING NUMBERS of ASSIGNMENTS and TESTS !!! AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH.. !!!' Finish a class and before meeting up for a Japanese presentation tonite, would like to take a short break with a cup of Hot Signature Chocolate in Starbucks. LOL !!!

As the day is quite cloudy and not much sun, this Hot Drink really makes up my noon. ^^

Still sparing some time to do our assignments. Kakaka (act hardworking =P)

Yummy yummy..

Hahaha.. not promoting but drinks in Starbucks is really nice and it gave you relaxation especially during hectic times.. Gotta stop, better get back to assignments ^^ .Nice day !!!


  1. can't wait to taste it again after my confinement! especially the ice-blended.. :P

  2. so long i didnt take starbucks coffee edy =)

  3. this is : hehehe.. yea.. it's really great aye =)

    kenwooi : hehehe.. me too.. have been ages.. =P