Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Outing - Captain America and Manhattan Fish Market

Just realized we have good movies in cinema.
Hoay and I went for Captain America in the morning after we had our favorite Nasi Lemak in Old Town Kopitiam.

I like the movie though the costume not so nice.
After some light shopping and jalan jalan whole day, then we went for Manhattan Fish Market for dinner.

We ordered Giant Fried Platter!

Here comes the Giant Fried Platter!

Extremely full.
Had a great day! :) 


  1. it has been a long time i had MFM..=D

  2. I don't really fancy the food here although its acceptable in taste.

  3. did u sit until the very last of the movie?

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  5. haha, the costume really super ugly man! spoiler here, next year May, Captain America will be back!
    Some more bff with Iron Man and THOR haha~