Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear's Bday Dinner In Chilis

16/10 - Dear's bday. Sorry for the delay. Hehe. Went shopping and eat, eat, eat, eat !!! Dinner in Chilis, Gurney. The feel is great and the waiter is friendly. Haha.

Licensed to grill

Many people - Baby, kids, teenagers, parents, family, foreigners etc.

The Bday Girl :)

Frosty Chocolate Shake

Bottomless Mango Juice

Tequila-Lime Fish Steak
Fish steak dipped in non-alcoholic tequila-lime marinade, grilled and topped with garlic lime butter. With rice and seasonal veggies.

Firecracker Fish Fillet

A grilled fish fillet brushed with sweet and spicy glaze and garnished with red chile tapenade & sesame seeds.


Wish you'll stay happy, young, beautiful, pretty and smile always :) Hehe. Happy Bday again ~


  1. nice place, and the food looks seducing too man! ;) ur gf's birthday is on me and my gf's 17th anniversary. i mean 17th month LOL =P

  2. kakakaka.. i tot u are goin to say 17 years.. lolx.. thanks man :)

  3. Hehehe...nice nice photo~! Like it... ^^
    Thanks hubby for the wishes and celebration with me.. =)