Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some food that I ate this week

Mon - Fri : Work + Sleep + Meals (Loop)
Hehehe.. Just a random post this time showing some food that I ate. Hahaha.
Wan Tan Mee (Dijamin Halal Version) =)
This one is Mini Wok Wan Tan Mee

This is another Wan Tan Mee (Normal Version but still Halal) =)

Chicken chop and Black pepper chicken chop which is ONLY RM6 !!! The portion is not small though :)

Hehehe.. Eating is always the most enjoyable time. Hahaha. ;) Have a nice day !!!


  1. wah!
    sangat sedap!
    makan dekat mana?

  2. fendy : hahaha.. i makan kat cafe di tempat kerja i.. ;P yang chicken chop tu i makan kat kulim ;P

  3. kulim??? where??i m from kulim one...hahahaha..never noe someone will actually post sumthing regarding kulim's food..LOL..

  4. jfook : yea.. seriously cheap ! haha
    vivian : hahaha.. i stay in taman keranji.. u?

  5. duh...
    kayaknya enak...
    Bikin laperr...

  6. wow yum yum..
    wan tan mee? looks like bihun sup woo...
    sedap =]