Saturday, May 1, 2010

Seems Like 2012 Coming Soon

After listening to various 'end of the world' news, I might think that it's ridiculous. Sometimes, I might think that it do make some sense. Hmmm.. Plus, there've been a drastic change in the world's weather. Check out the pics that I captured. Dark clouds appproachng :-

If it does not rain, it's so DAMN HOT till you hardly stand. But when it's going to rain, the dark clouds really look scary. Three days back, pictures taken outside my hostel room. 10.00 a.m but it looks like it's going to be night time where the sky was really dark.

An obvious dark clouds layer is observed after 20 mins. Check'em out :-

REAL OBVIOUS - plus a little scary

Please save the world before it's too late. Do your part to make the world a better place.


  1. kelvin : ya kelvin.. i hope so.. =) but seems like it's becomin more obvious =)

  2. hahha.. den start do smth.. at least by not tapao+ing food.. can save a lot of resources wastages...
    p/s: to make one food containers we need a lot of resources and energy... all will then leads to global warming.. that resulted to the climate change!!

  3. eangbee : hehe.. yayaya.. you're rite.. no plastic yea..

  4. zaradgreat : ya..let's do our part =)